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Aug 29, 2022

At Global Benefits Group (GBG), we pride ourselves on the extensive provider network and coverage plans offered to meet your client’s various needs. Our coverage and our global expertise paired with our time in the industry, means you can rely on us for the protection your clients require. Tell your customers to go, we'll be there to support them when needed.

Passionate about the services we provide, GBG has a comprehensive portfolio of case studies highlighting the work we have achieved, saving our clients extra costs for the protection they deserve.

Going Above the Norm in a Crisis Situation

Recently, one of our U.S. schools had a student in crisis and we researched options to facilitate treatment locally or in the student’s home country. Our GBG Assist team worked on a solution above and beyond the norm to return the student to their family in their home country, their preferred option, while reducing the cost to the school by over 70%.

The sense of urgency, compassion, and expertise that the team brought to this situation did not go unnoticed by the school or the parents. GBG’s commitment to excellent service is the foundation of our relationships with our partners and members, and that devotion to service has led us to our new brand purpose:  Go, we’ll be there!

We Take Your Concerns Seriously

Understanding the pain points of our clients and addressing them with innovation and genuine interest, has been pivotal to the success and growth of our consumer base.  Utilizing our market research, we focus on addressing industry pain points like customer service, claims and innovation. We always want to make business easy for our stakeholders, provide technology with a human touch and transparency with access to data for better decision making.

Based on a recent NPS survey, GBG’s customer service is seen as “incredibly helpful” while providing clear communication, resulting in a supportive and efficient customer experience. Our MyGBG app has been successful and widely welcomed. The claims process was referred to as effective and easy to understand. The updated interface and recent improvements to the claim’s submission process was well received and accepted as better than the previous iteration. The reimbursement time, claims settlement process and submission system all contribute to the satisfaction of our brokers. GBG’s holistic approach makes it easier to provide our partners and members with what they want and need.

Here is what some of our members recently had to say about their experience with GBG:


Our partners are an important part of our success, and we acknowledge that, which is why we value those relationships. GBG has spent much of the past two years developing and releasing a portal allowing our partners to receive quotes and submit business on our platform.  After extensive research, the unanimous response was that partners wanted a portal that allowed them to own the sales process end-to-end. We heard their requests and sought to make it happen. Below are some testimonials from our partners.


GBG cares about building trust with our partners and the insured. We continue to offer the services needed in many locations and in multiple languages, ensuring GBG is right there with you at every step of your client’s journey.


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