Six Ways to Save on Your Health Care Bills

Having a Plan Helps


Linda DiBias

May 4, 2022

Medical care can be costly and overwhelming for many. Having a health plan helps, but out-of-pocket costs can still come as a surprise. The good news is, that there are ways you can help avoid unexpected bills and even lower the expected ones.

Use these tips to get going.

  1. Create a separate savings account

    Put aside money each month in a separate account to cover your deductible and then some. A health savings account (HSA) is a great option if your employer offers it.

  2. Understand your plan

    Choose doctors and facilities that are in your plan’s network, and ask for medications that are on your plan’s list of approved drugs.

  3. Ask your doctor

    Question whether tests or procedures are necessary and the cost. Your health plan’s website may also have cost estimates so you can plan ahead.

  4. Choose the right level of care

    For non-life-threatening medical issues, an urgent care facility may cost significantly less than a trip to the ER. You can also make an appointment at your regular doctor’s office or clinic.

  5. Go generic

    Ask your doctor about generic or less expensive forms of medication. And find out if there’s a 90-day-supply option.

  6. Use 24-hour virtual care

    Speak with a doctor via phone or video chat, possibly eliminating a trip to the doctor’s office or the ER.


This is general health information and not medical advice or services. You should consult your doctor for medical advice or services, including seeking advice prior to undertaking a new diet or exercise program.

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