Tell your customers to go, we’ll be there

Redefining peace-of-mind through evolving technology

Now more than ever we understand that our partners, alongside with our members, need assurance that GBG will provide the security to embrace the path ahead. Without doubt and without limits.

A recent NextMappingTM Trends Report indicates that we will continue to see major advances in remote work, a deliberate focus on health and wellness, and continued adoption of online commerce for both products and services. The pandemic has created massive social changes which have blurred the lines between life, work, and education. These changes have contributed to a mental shift from “work first” to “life first” and do not contain the same boundaries that we are accustomed to.

These trending opportunities couldn’t align better with GBG’s new brand position. Launched earlier this year, we have put a renewed - keen focus on who our customers are.

OUR CUSTOMERS: Live broadly, completely covered.

As a specialist insurance organization, we are able to focus on the unique needs and requirements of our customers. We protect the adventurers among us—the executives, students, educators, expatriates, and entrepreneurs—giving them the chance to pursue new careers, opportunities, and experiences with coverage perfectly suited for their specific and diverse needs.

We are a global administrator, distributor and underwriter of Health, Life, Disability, Travel and Educational Insurance, GBG has been forging a path of innovation through advanced technology. This means that our members and partners can access the support they need anytime, anywhere and from any device. And with the unprecedented impact of a global pandemic and continued evolving world events, our products and services-particularly how they are accessed in the future-are our sole focus moving forward.

This focus was a key driver in the creation of our enhanced Service Excellence Ecosystem, specifically designed to bolster user experience and confidence in our quick and pain-free service delivery. This confidence leads to a better purchasing experience for our members and assists our partners to win and retain more clients. Our future technology focus will enhance the experience for all our partners with direct access for new business, policy changes and claims, anytime - anywhere.

Our Technology Roadmap will:

• Prioritize real-time connections - real people, real help

• Provide direct notifications throughout the claims journey

• Instant updates on claim status via our Member Portal

• Members and partners can access the support they need anytime, anywhere and from any device

Recent and Live Enhancements Include: Introduced earlier this year, our new website and sophisticated brand elevates the user experience. The sharp, user-friendly ingenuity of our new website and our exciting new brand is a further enabler to our members and partners.

GBG Virtual Care: Our telehealth service allows patients the opportunity to speak with a doctor or healthcare professional from the comfort of their own home.

Enhancements to our Member Portal: Offering members a more real-time experience focused on providing them with updates to their claims status and improved ways to connect with us.

MyGBG App: With the MyGBG App, members can access all the great services our website and portals offer from their phone or device. Bring all that convenience to our members no matter where they are.

Big Things are Coming to GBG:

Our New Partner Portal: We are providing a full-service platform along with the type of user experience clients have come to expect from GBG. Self-serve options will include comparing products and rates with other markets as well as customization of products and pricing to meet a client’s needs.

Our passion for service excellence is the foundation of our relationship with our partners and members. And that devotion to service has led us to our new brand purpose:  Go. We’ll be there! 

World-Class Protection, Unique Coverage, Flexibility and Fast and Easy Claims.

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