Looking out for your loved ones.

Coverage doesn’t have to be complicated.

Life insurance provides priceless financial security for your loved ones, but it is sometimes difficult to obtain coverage in a foreign country. GBG offers group life insurance at reasonable rates. We can offer various coverage plans with no medical examinations and available dependent coverage. Coverage for war and terrorism is also available.

Flexible coverage for whatever you need.

With our life insurance products, individuals can ensure protection for mortgages, college funds, retirement funds, and estate planning. And with worldwide coverage, life insurance provided through GBG and our partners gives employees coverage no matter where their international travels may take them.

Assurance when you need it most, or for protection against unforeseen circumstances.

Life insurance helps to protect employees against worst-case scenarios.

Group Coverage

Based on the size of your group, we have a multitude of life insurance coverage options for you. Group coverage provides employees with comprehensive life insurance and a suite of add-on benefits to fit the needs of each employer. Whatever your group needs, we’ve got you covered.

Interested in GBG life coverage?