Protection for private school students.

Setting the standard for servicing private secondary schools.

Since 1992, Clifford Allen Associates (CAA) has served over 12,000 international students attending 200 schools in 35 states, specializing in offering premier health insurance coverage for private secondary school students. We believe in developing lasting relationships with the schools/students we serve based on mutual trust and respect. 

Our one-of-a-kind premium pool consisting only of private secondary schools enables us to control costs and provide stability in pricing and benefits year after year.

Benefits of CAA plans include:

  • Primary injury and sickness plans
  • Network and non-network plans available
  • Proprietary private secondary school pool ensures protection and stability
  • Zero deductible, zero co-pay and zero co-insurance plans available
  • Pre-existing conditions covered from day one
  • Prescription drug coverage
  • Unlimited coverage for interscholastic sports
  • Comprehensive mental health coverage
  • Daily rates available for special circumstances (summer abroad programs)
  • Mandatory and voluntary excess accident-only plans


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