Experts in global medical cost containment.

QHM does things differently.

We do not start with a rule book. We don’t start with a set of big business practices. We first listen to your members' needs. After listening, we evaluate and advocate on their behalf; our expertise, experience and deep international connections guide us to the best care at the most economical price. 

The success of the company entered a new phase in 2017 when the acquisition by Global Benefits Group (GBG) positioned QHM with additional resources and relationships for continued growth.

What sets us apart

Over the last two decades, the market matured primarily along the lines of volumes, players, and fees where new entrants and new clients sought lower per unit costs. However, there is still a long way to go for aligning the needs of underwriters, reinsurers, providers, and members in ways which find a more complete and effective chain of service and savings. This is where QHM shines.

QHM delivers highly personalized health management on each and every case. Our service includes:

  • Extensive worldwide network of providers
  • Efficient claims service and custom claims repricing processes
  • Experienced medical case management
  • Superior account management and 24-hour member service
  • Expert medical second opinion services for peace of mind through management of diagnoses, options, and outcomes
  • Specialty care services including solid organ/bone marrow transplantation, oncology risk management, and pharmacy benefits


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