Protecting your assets while you heal.

Coverage doesn’t have to be complicated.

Sometimes life throws a curveball. When the unexpected happens, it can be even more stressful in a foreign country. GBG’s cost-effective disability insurance plans allow a maximum of 70% of an international employee’s salary to be paid to that employee when they’re on disability. With our disability plans, employees can rest assured that should the unexpected happen, GBG’s coverage will protect them from unpaid bills and obligations.

Available for group coverage programs only.


Our disability plans offer the following features:

  • Coverage to age 65
  • Maximum of 70% of salary for disability
  • Choice of 3-, 6-, or 12-month elimination period

Group Coverage

Group disability plans can consist of short-term coverage (up to one year) and/or long-term coverage. Both plans pay a monthly benefit. 

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